Great books provide great reader experience.

Dr. Carolyn Roark helps accomplished people build skill and confidence, create striking content, make the right publishing moves, and connect powerfully with their audiences through writing.

Her clients include top columnist Kevin Daum, Great Legal Marketing pro Ben Glass, the “professional Imperfectionist” Stephen Guise, “rock star” speaker Marvelless Mark, and others. She lives with her family in Santa Fe, NM, where she has been known to hand out rubber chicken necklaces.

What is a girl like you doing in a job like this?

I finished my PhD at 29 and headed straight into the Ivory Tower. Five years later, I slipped out the rear door and never looked back. I loved teaching analysis, theory, and composition, but if I never attend another committee meeting it will be too soon.

All that training had benefits, though. There were amazing opportunities to study fascinating things and meet incredible people. I started an academic journal. I learned that there’s no substitute for solid research, sound critical thinking, and logical structure. I developed a taste for good syntax (without becoming a grammar bully). Over time, I became an expert in reader experience—the key to writing success.

Now, I coach, edit, and ghostwrite to help aspiring authors express themselves beautifully and find the right platform for their ideas. I aim to make the process pleasant – I have an allergy to red ink, too. I can be your book’s best friend, as well as your advocate and guide.