Carolyn helps smart people and dynamic businesses
to “say it well and say it right.”

Carolyn is a very experienced editor who was invaluable in providing guidance, encouragement and support as I created my first manuscript. Her method of asking probing questions, modeling different writing styles and providing frank feedback on my efforts is a gift that will benefit me for years to come.

~ Dave Garrison

The Managers Communication Tool Kit, Tina Kuhn

Carolyn performed as the developmental editor for my book.  She was excellent in her ability to help me shape the words within my book to project just the right message and tone.  She asked on-point probing questions such that I could get to the heart of inconsistencies.

Carolyn was able to digest the subject matter quickly, and find loose ends and sections needing more content.

Carolyn kept me to a schedule and provided a great framework for me to be able to focus on what was important to complete the manuscript.

The resulting manuscript was fabulous and the book is now published and doing well in the market.

I struggled for 4 years over many attempts at writing my book before hiring a professional ghostwriter. From the first meeting Carolyn exuded a calm intelligence I was looking for. She also had a relaxed willingness to read every word, poem, outline I had written to date. As early as the first chapter I was convinced I had made the ideal choice in Carolyn. She asks all the right questions in the right order, really listens to what you are saying—your intonation and inflections, your pauses- to not only capture your topic but your feelings. Her work could not have sounded more like ME! She is professional, compassionate, on time and always dependable. I’ll likely hire Carolyn again to ghostwrite my next book. Purchase Danna’s Dust Here.

My first novel is a police procedural set in the Texas of thirty years ago. I wanted somebody who understood cops and that era. I found Carolyn Roark via Linked-In. What did I get? Leaner, more logically arranged chapters. Characters I had liked going in and now liked more because of Carolyn’s efforts. The Unit, Into The Briar Patch is a better story and book for having her on the team. I would recommend Carolyn without hesitation and hope to work with her again.

Carolyn has a strong grasp of the English language. She’s always the first person to edit or even see my books. I owe much of my success to her working out the many kinks in my early drafts.

I was very fortunate to find Carolyn to edit my recent book on small business. I gave her over 100 pages of my thoughts to edit and the end result was fabulous. She was able to organize and edit it and never once does the book lose my voice. She was more demanding of me then I was of her which is unusual. Communication was extremely efficient and I was never left waiting. I highly recommend Carolyn and wouldn’t hesitate to refer her or use her again.

From start to finish, Carolyn Roark assisted me with every aspect of writing my humorous novel. Honestly, I could not have completed this project without her deep literary knowledge, creative input, and keen attention to detail. Prompt and professional, Carolyn completed the work beyond my expectations. I would undoubtedly recommend her services and will be using her again soon.

I hired Ms. Roark at the time
Since I wanted my prose to be prime
She fixed my faux pas
And every bad clause
Thanks to her now my writing’s sublimeIf you need to have prose to impress
Or a topic to properly address
Ms.Roark has the skill
To help your content thrill
And make your writing career a success.Kevin Daum

Carolyn provided exactly what I needed to get my book from ‘oh-so-close’ to ready for publication. I was constantly impressed with her ability to keep my voice throughout her edits, and her remarkable gift of helping me say exactly what I wanted to convey when I was fumbling with language. Sustainability with Style would not be the success it is without Carolyn’s expert touch.

Carolyn brought order to the ‘chaos’ of my manuscript by first assessing what I had, flipping it on its head, surgically deconstructing it, reaching into my brain and is methodically transforming my manuscript into a masterpiece. When you hire Carolyn, you hire an artisan at the highest skill level of her craft. Carolyn not only produces the highest quality of work; Carolyn also sharpens you in the process.Trust me when I tell you: When she bids on your project, your search is over. Carolyn is amazing!!!