It Sucks to Lose Your Best Ideas. Tools to Capture Your Inspiration

Inspiration has a rascally sense of humor. There’s the sudden rush of a great idea. The solution to a tricky problem becomes clear. Key memories surface. It illuminates the world like lightning, leaves you breathless and excited, and fills you with an almost physical urge to share. Now if only you were near a computer. [...]

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Brave New Work

Photo courtesy of flikr.com, by mike gnuckx. There are 53 million freelancers and independent contractors in today's U.S. workforce. Certain sources say that by 2020, half of American workers will do some kind of indie job. Some always dreamed of working from home; others had it thrust on them by a job loss. And some of [...]

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Living Write

It has happened time and again. Someone sits down across from me, or stares out from my computer screen, sighs, and says, "I'm a terrible writer." It's a hell of a conversation starter. I don't doubt that they believe it, nor that they wish it were otherwise. They just aren't sure what to do to [...]

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